Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a partnership between the pharmacist, the patient (or their caregiver), and other health professionals who promote the safe and effective use of medications. Its purpose is to assist patients in achieving the targeted outcomes and goals of their individual medication therapy regiments. Our pharmacists offer analytical, consulting, instructional, training, and monitoring services as part of the MTM program at Access Care Pharmacy. These services are designed to assist our customers and patients in obtaining the most beneficial effects possible from the drugs they take. Access Care Pharmacy is able to ensure that each patient receives the maximum benefit from his or her personalized medications by boosting the patient's understanding of medication therapy, increasing the patient's adherence to medications, controlling costs, and preventing drug complications. This allows the pharmacy to ensure that each patient receives the maximum possible benefit from his or her medications. The success of the MTM program will, of course, be highly dependent on the level of dedication and commitment shown by both the patient and the pharmacists; but, it is our intention to make available as many opportunities as possible for pharmaceutical treatment to be effective.

Diabetes, asthma, chronic pain and sickness, and care for the elderly are only some of the diseases and conditions that might benefit from MTM's use. This list is by no means exhaustive.

The first step in the pharmaceutical therapy management services that our pharmacist will give for a patient is to evaluate a list of the drugs that the patient has been prescribed in the past. Then, our pharmacist will check for previous instances of medication interactions, problems, duplications of pharmaceuticals coming from the same family, dosages, methods of administration, and dosage formulations (size, strength, type, etc). In the course of this assessment, we will also be analyzing the patient's pharmaceutical routine in order to identify any areas in which we might be able to improve the quality of care they get.

Access Care Pharmacy in New Britain, Connecticut takes great pleasure in the fact that we are committed to the patient and dedicated to them. Our services for the management of medication therapy are designed to guarantee that every patient will have the greatest potential for success over the course of their treatment. Get in touch with us today using the contact form on our website or by giving us a call to discuss our MTM services with our in-house pharmacist.

You require and are deserving of a better level of service from the pharmacy that you use.

This is where Access Care Pharmacy really comes into its own. Your Access Care Pharmacy Pharmacist has extensive training in the treatment of elderly patients using medicines. We are aware of potential issues that may arise as a result of your use of our guaranteed check for drug interactions, as well as the history of your health and medications that we have on file. In addition to that, we have a wealth of experience that may be shared with you.

Homes for the elderly Facilities providing long-term care as well as childcare for seniors. Visiting nurses and doctors. Even family members who are accountable for a relative who must take drugs on a consistent basis. The ease of use and reassurance of quality that this program provides are benefits that are available to all caregivers. Each patient has distinct medication demands. They frequently require the use of many medications. When you consider the total number of patients, it becomes clear why it is of the utmost importance to have the appropriate medications available at the appropriate time. Because of this, Access Care Pharmacy is your go-to location for any unique packaging needs: Organizing the patient's medication into convenient blister packs or medication planners. You may rest easy knowing that a comprehensive check for accuracy and medication interactions will be performed. This service is not offered at any and all pharmacies, including those that are part of the nation's largest retail chains. Taking the anxiety and uncertainty out of managing multiple medications is only one of the many ways in which the pharmacists at Access Care Pharmacy go above and beyond for their customers.

First, we develop a treatment strategy that is unique to each individual patient. Second, we are familiar with the rules and ensure that they are strictly adhered to at all times. Third, we are able to supply the packed medications to you on a weekly basis, or at any other frequency that you require. We can give 24-hour turnaround upon request. Fourth, our Accounts Receivable service can manage billing for both group homes and nursing homes thanks to its specialized design. Upon request, we are able to provide confidential monthly billing. Above all else, we have shown experience and competence, as well as a reputation for providing service that is prompt, polite, and accurate. You are trying to find a more efficient approach to provide care to all of your patients. We are a dependable partner in your health care system.